A Datamine String to KML Macro


If you use Datamine as your mine planning package then here is a very useful tool to convert strings from UTM to Latitude and Longitude (i.e. World Coordinates). It creates a KML file that can be loaded in Google Earth.

Why is this useful? Most non-mine planning consultants will be using World Coordinates and showing your design (strings) in Google Earth will be expected. But little do they know how hard it is to do!

Download and extract the zip file (str2kml.zip). Double click the example kml file. It should fire up Google Earth and show a box. The box represents the limits of a geological model for an iron ore deposit

The zip file also contains a macro to create a string from a Datamine block model file and a local environment file (if you are new to Datamine).

You can contact me at Master@AlanCooper.id.au if you feel the need.