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On this page you will find programs that I have written that can be used in mining applications, including:


Open pit optimisation using WhittleTM software is standard for almost all mine planning engineers.

Maxpit is a program I wrote many years ago that does the same job.

It solves the maximum closure problem using the max-flow algorithm.

The current program is incomplete:

But I will update this version with the final version soon.


  1. Download the example zip file (MaxPit).
  2. Run MaxPit.exe (not MaxPit.bat) without any parameters and you will get the command line parameters.
  3. Open to view MaxPit.bat to see how the parameters are set up.
  4. Run MaxPit.bat to see the example file run.
  5. Run PitViewer.bat to view the results.

Using your own data

All you need to do is create a CSV file of your regularised model.

Here are the first 10 lines of the demo file (REGM.CSV):

    60.0,   46.0,  26.0         ,       ,       ,      
  3500.0, 3245.0, 350.0         ,       ,       ,      
     5.0,   10.0,   5.0         ,       ,       ,      
  3502.5, 3250.0, 352.5,     0.0, 2700.0,    0.0,   0.0
  3502.5, 3250.0, 357.5,     0.0, 2700.0,    0.0,   0.0
  3502.5, 3250.0, 362.5,     0.0, 2700.0,    0.0,   0.0
  3502.5, 3250.0, 367.5,     0.0, 2700.0,    0.0,   0.0
  3502.5, 3250.0, 372.5,     0.0, 2700.0,    0.0,   0.0
  3502.5, 3250.0, 377.5,     0.0, 2700.0,    0.0,   0.0

Model description:

The following lines contain the data for each block in the model.



I am thinking about a Widows 64 bit version that has no limits (contact me if you are interested).

If you want multiple pit shells, then re-run Maxpit with the previous output as an input using a different shell number.

Edit the PitViewer batch file to recognise the other pit shells.

If you use CAEís Studio 2 or Studio 3 then I have a macro for converting a Datamine block model into the CSV format.

Email me on if you would like a copy.

If you have downloaded the files and ran the batch file then you will have a number of pit shells you may what to view.

You can use the PitViewer batch file to examine the results. The batch file calls another program I wrote call PitViewer.

Here is a zip file with demo data.

You can contact me at if you feel the need.